About - Porter & Hazel

Words are a journey of the heart. They make you hear, feel, see, and most importantly they make you remember.

Words are all around us. We use them casually all the time. But words have meaning. They move and shape us. They inspire us. Motivate us.  Words remind us who we are and who we are trying to become. These are the words we keep close; that we wrap ourselves in. 

Is there a favorite quote, lyric, or inside joke that means something special to you? What about a date or location that represents a moment you want to keep in your heart forever?

We feel the same way about our words, our jokes and our memories. So we decided that working with you to transform your words into something you can hold and keep with you always is the most important thing we could do with our creativity.

We want to help you wear your heart on your wrist. ♥

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